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Tony & Sarah Blonigan 7-11-15

Tony & Sarah Blonigan 7-11-15

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Work, Ash Wednesday, The Fog, & missing Hilton Head Island man

Darrell Schuman, of Beaufort, begins the sign of the cross at the start of mass on Ash Wednesday at St. Peter’s Catholic Church at 70 Lady’s Island Drive on February 18, 2015. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares Catholic's for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday. The ashes are made from the blessed palms used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year. The ashes are christened with Holy Water and are scented by exposure to incense.

St Peter's Catholic School eight grader Veronika DePinto, left, politely encourages a younger and more energetic student with a shush to calm down during mass on Ash Wednesday at St. Peter’s Catholic Church at 70 Lady’s Island Drive on February 18, 2015. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares Catholic's for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday. The ashes are made from the blessed palms used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year. The ashes are christened with Holy Water and are scented by exposure to incense.

The U.S. Coast Guard is actively looking for Bob Masteller, of Hilton Head Island, who is reporter missing, near the Cross Island Parkway on March 10, 2015.Sheriff's Office personnel located his vehicle in the Southbound break down lane on the Charles Fraser (Cross island) Bridge early this morning.

A South Carolina Department of Natural Resources officer investigates some debris along the salt marsh of Broad Creek while actively looking for Bob Masteller, of Hilton Head Island, who is reported missing, near the Cross Island Parkway on March 11, 2015. 

A South Carolina Department of Natural Resources airplane made around a dozen flyovers in the early afternoon flying low and along the shoreline of Broad Creek during an active search for Bob Masteller, of Hilton Head Island, who is reported missing, near the Cross Island Parkway on March 11, 2015. 

A diver with Aquatic Investigation and Recovery S.C.D.N.R. Dive Team, plunges from a watercraft with the support of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Dive Team truck, while searching Broad Creek for missing Hilton Head Island man Bob Masteller, owner of The Jazz Corner on Hilton Head Island, on March 12, 2015.Masteller was reported missing Tuesday after his car was found on the southbound lanes of the Cross Island Parkway, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.  "Water action will affect visibility, but we still have about 6 feet of visibility, which is good.  The current isn't that bad... the bottom's a good bottom, not a lot of debris and trash," said Sgt. Rhett Bickley, South Carolina D.N.R. Aquatic Investigation and Recovery Unit.

A Bald Eagle is seen using it's talons to keep a dive bombing Osprey at bay after perching in a tree near Shelter Cove Lane on March 9, 2015. To see more photos, go to:

A Foggy Doggy kind of Day
Hunter, a 2 -year-old rescue from Lowcountry Lab, jumps for the ball while playing fetch with owner Julie Sands, of Bluffton and boyfriend Aaron Johnson, of Bluffton, while enjoying the fog on the beach near Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort on March 11, 2015.

Grace, a 7-year-old thoroughbred, sports a smile while rolling around in a field at Above Standard Equestrian on February 17, 2015 in Okatie. Immediately after this picture was taken, Grace neighed and took off galloping around the field with a white Friesian-cross named Tashi, 9, not pictured.

Allison Kopanski, 18, of Beaufort, reads from a book while basking in the sun on top of her Jeep at her home in the Pigeon Point neighborhood in Beaufort on March 17, 2015.  "Sun was out but it was too far to get to the beach," said Kopanski.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Fog is seen engulfing the Broadriver Bridge looking towards Lemon Island from the Broad River Marina at dusk on  January 13, 2015.

  Marina Petrovic, of Bluffton, places a kiss on the cheek of her son Leandro Philoxene, 3-months-old, while visiting Coligny Beach Park on January 20, 2015.  "This is the first time I’ve brought Leandro to the beach... it's all new, he loves the sun," said Petrovic.

Michael Shinn, of Hilton Head Island, glances at a Colombian red tail boa that is finding it’s way across his forehead while at The Coastal Discovery Museum with his granddaughter Katherine Ford, not pictured, during a casual “Meet and Greet” hosted by the Coastal Discovery Museum and “Lowcountry Critters with Joe Maffo” on December 29, 2014.  

Kayakers are seen maneuvering their way through the salt marsh along  Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge in Skull Creek on January 5, 2014.

 A cormorant shakes off some water while basking in the sun next to a pond at Sea Pines Resort on January 9, 2015.

 A hooded merganser flaps it’s wings while bobbing in the water in a pond at Sea Pines Resort on January 9, 2015.

 Ellen Malphrus, of Bluffton, kayaks with her pet dog named Tennessee through Heyward Cove near the Thomas G. Heyward Memorial Bridge on Bridge St. on December 28, 2014.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My first year in the lowcountry - Best of 2014

A pony eats marsh grass from the sand flats surrounding Little Horse Island on November 7, 2014. Wayne Webb, FormerÊowner of Little Horse Island , S.C., Venaye Reece McGlashan, Retired state veterinarian andÊSt. Helena Island , S.C. resident, and her husband David McGlashan, St. Helena Island , S.C. resident, not pictured, are attempting to identify all the ponyÕs as either a colt or mares before holding the gelding and vaccination day along with volunteers and the states veterinarians office. In an attempt to control the herd of wild ponies to be self sufficient, workers will be gelding all the colts and introduce a reproductive vaccine to all the Mares as well as ID each horse and give each horse an overall examination looking at their overall health. Being a small isolated herd of ponies they have some disadvantages. The herd hasn’t had any opportunities to introduce new genetics to the herd. The hope is that now the herd can focus on nutrition and developmental issues opposed to reproduction year after year. Concerns and recent events Ñ one pony was struck and killed by a car last month when it wandered from the marsh Ñ have propelled the community into action. Unable and unwilling to accept a Little Horse Island without the ponies, they are working to protect and preserve this Beaufort County treasure. Read more here:

Cpl. Jose Valenzuela, Seaman Justin Corbin,  Cpl. Jacob Fantin, and Cpl.  Shantonio Graham, keep a large American flag that was used during the change of command and retirement ceremony at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort from touching the ground on February 13, 2014.  Colonel Brian C. Murtha  will relinquish command of the Air Station to Col. Peter D. Buck, who most recently served as the chief of staff at 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing in Cherry Point, N.C.

"My first time on base.  I felt the pressure to say the least… after waiting at the gates for nearly an hour I was finally allowed in to the marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.  The assignment was to cover Colonel Brian C. Murtha relinquishing command of the Air Station.  I stayed way after the ceremony to see what might transpire.As everyone was gathering interviews and the press was flooding the new Colonel Peter D. Buck with questions, i noticed that the ginourmous flag was being taken down inside the hanger.  As the flag came down volunteers were helping to prevent the flag from touching the ground… which eventually took the help of dozens of helpers.  Image was captured using a Canon 7D, Iso of 1600, Shutter Speed 1/125 sec, at f/5.6, at a local length of 33mm."

 Shanette Booker, of Beaufort, left, shares a scoop of her ice cream sundae with her son Dairrion McDaniel, 11, while her other son D.J. McDaniel, who is celebrating his 12th birthday today, finishes the last sips of his root beer float while at Southern Sweets Ice Cream Parlor in Beaufort on August 11, 2014.

"We do a lot of "Wild Art" or "feature hunting," for our jobs.  Some day's we need to fill space with found art rather than follow a story or assignment.  I really enjoy driving around and experiencing the community… however some day's are easier than others.  On this day I had already been turned away by three or four different subjects or situations that I thought might make for an interesting photograph, I didn't think I would walk away with anything I was happy with.  But then came the rain, and with that people moved inside.  Walking around Waterfront Park in beaufort I thought I would make my way to find some cover.  As I was walking around I noticed this amazing family enjoying deserts at Southern Sweets Ice Cream Parlor, which I had not seen before.  I was so excited about what I saw from outside the window I did my best to contain myself from excitement of a potential photograph.  After introducing myself I was given the OK to photograph and at the point I waited for my moment.  Image was captured using a Canon 7D, ISO 800, Shutter Speed 1/60 sec, at f/4.0, at a focal length of 27mm."

 Bob Johnson, of St. Helena Island, uses a swing blade to tidy up the lawn at a home off of Sea Island Pkwy on April 9, 2014.

"I am absolutely fascinated by St. Helena Island and the community within it. I was on my way to another assignment when I saw Bob Johnson, bathed in light, using a swing blade. I quickly turned around, introduced myself and spent a good amount of time selling my abilities as a photographer and expressing my desire to capture this moment."

 Logan Branham, 17, of Utah, left, tears up as his father embraces with his youngest son Preston Branham, 10, right, and his mother embraces with her daughter Addison Branham, 8, center, after Lt. Col. Matthew Branham surprised his kids after a 9-month tour to Afghanistan during a Shannon Tanner performance at the Gazebo Stage at Shelter Cove Harbour on Hilton Head Island on May 29, 2014.

"This was a wonderful assignment to cover.  It came in last second, from what I recall we didn't have much of a heads up.  Shannon Tanner was performing and had this idea to welcome back a soldier after a 9-month tour in Afghanistan with his family onstage during his performance.  I had to shoot photos and video which made me nervous, how d I captured both moments simultaneously?   I set up my one camera for video on a tripod and I guessed where I thought the soldier would walk from and where the family would meet for the big embrace.  I got lucky on the video that they stayed within my frame which allowed me to sneak up in front of the family for a couple quick shots.  Image was captured using a Canon 7D, ISO 400, SHutter Speed 1/1600 sec,  at f/5., at a focal length of 31mm."

 Payton Stuberg, 16, of Beaufort, right, kicks water towards Isaiah Jones, 13, of Beaufort, left, while in a foot of water outside the  Port Royal Skatepark on September 16, 2014.

"I was assigned to find a weather-related feature photo. Driving around Beaufort I was starting to think I wouldn't find anything, and then I saw a bunch of young people having fun near the skate park in the town of Port Royal. The park and surrounding area had been flooded by heavy rains, but that didn't stop these kids from having fun."

Read more here:

 Home-schooled senior Ryoncq Dimitrov, left, and Beaufort Academy junior Bridget Baggerly, president of Students Against Destructive Decisions Club, right, participate as victims of a drunk driving accident Thursday morning at Beaufort Academy as firefighters with the Lady's Island St. Helena Fire District extricate the students. The accident, hosted by academy's SADD chapter, was at the school in front of the school body. The Lady's Island St. Helena Fire District public affairs office helped orchestrate the event along with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, S.C. Highway Patrol, Beaufort EMS, Beaufort County Coroner’s Office, Gurr's Automotive and Medevac Air Ambulance.

"I thought this was a good example of layering, showing depth from foreground to background. I was at Beaufort Academy as members of the Students Against Destructive Decisions Club participated in a drunken driving awareness campaign. I shot a video, too, that you should watch." Here is the link:

Read more here:

 Beaufort infielder Jacob Horton, left, misses the catch while attempting to tag Hilton Head Island runner Cameron Bent, right, during the Dixie Boys District 8 baseball tournament at Burton Wells Park on July 3, 2014.

"I love shooting sports. The bigger the lens the better. Shooting sports is about understanding the game and where it's going and trying to be one step ahead of the action."

Read more here:

Elaina Horne, 2, of Beaufort, clutches on to the leash of her pet dog named Grizzly Bear while laying on the grass of USCB during the Beaufort Homegrown Music Fest on June 7, 2014.

"Festivals are a dime a dozen. What makes covering one festival different from others? For me, it all begins with capturing a moment, like this one with a young girl and her dog at the inaugural Beaufort Homegrown Music Fest."

Read more here:

 Kevin Streelman, of Wheaton, I.L., drives the ball towards the green on the 9th hole during the second round of the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing on Friday at Harbour Town Golf Links in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island S.C.

 Beaufort High School receiver and running back Jeffrey Tookes makes the catch for a touchdown while being defended by Whale Branch High School defender Jamar Scott in a game at Beaufort High School on September 12, 2014.

"Football is my jam. If I could get paid to just shoot football, I would probably take the bait. Like any sport, photographing it successfully requires some knowledge of the game. On a third and long with the clock running out, you hope the play call is for a pass." Read more here:

Read more here:

 Hilton Head Island junior Jestin Morrow right, misses the catch in the second quarter of play while being defended by Ridgeland Hardeeville defenders Tre Robinson, left, and Desjon Fraser, center, in a game at Hilton Head Island High School on August 22, 2014.

"In this game between Hilton Head Island and Ridgeland Hardeeville high schools, I'm pretty sure the Hilton Head player missed the catch. And now after double-checking - yes, yes he did."

Read more here:

 Fisherman cast their lines off of Paradise Pier in Hunting Island State Park on August 16, 2014.

"After I left an assignment on Fripp Island, I saw dozens of people casting lines and nets off of a pier. I could have easily been done with work a few minutes earlier, but I'd rather stop and shoot. I think this picture would make an amazing large print."

Read more here:

Lekeisha Gerike, of Beaufort, accompanies Jace Paulk, 6, Jamison Paulk, 3, and Jaxen Porter, 8, while exploring The Sands in Port Royal on April 2, 2014.

"Another "Wild Art" find at The Sands in port Royal.  I was driving around looking for something that said it's a beautiful April day in the Locountry and that's when I ended up at The Sands. I really liked this photo when I shot it.  It was one of my first times at The Sands and my first time actually exploring the beach area. After photographing everyone going out in to the water, I regrouped and got ready for everyone to walk back towards me.  I noticed on their way back in everyones feet were cut from oyster shells and drops of blood lines their foot prints in the sand.  I asked if everyone was fine, then thought of the photograph i made of them walking out with the sandals in the foreground and thought Gerike will probably be wearing those next time. Image was captured using a Canon 7D, ISO 400, Shutter Speed 1/3200 sec, at f/5.6, at a focal length of 25mm."

  Lee Taylor, and Peter Bierce, Commercial Shellfish management with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, top left, approach a oyster culture grounds maintained by Craig Reaves, owner of Sea Eagle Seafood Market in Beaufort, center, while harvesting this years first ten bushes of oysters with local commercial fisherman Lamar Jensen, left, and David Wayland, right, in Battery Creek on September 2, 2014. Oyster culture grounds opened on September 1, and state waters opens on Oct. 1, 2014.

"I persuaded Craig Reaves, owner of Beaufort's Sea Eagle Seafood Market, to let me tag along on an oyster harvest. It was a great day for learning and photographing what the Lowcountry waters have to offer. And besides, anytime I can get on a boat for my workday, I do it."

Read more here:

 Woody Collins, of Sheldon, carries a handful of Chanterelles mushroom while out picking with friend William Thorpe, not pictured, near Collins property on September 17, 2014.

 Beaufort High School baseball player Alex Tokar, juggles some baseballs as teammates react to a lightning strike during a weather delay in a game against Goose Creek High School at Beaufort High School on June 26, 2014.

 Trevionne Blue, 9, from left, Lagarrick Donaldson, 5, Tayshaun Donaldson, 7, and Zyasia Aiken, 7, play a ball game of “21”on Thursday afternoon in a grass lot near their homes north of the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort off of Bruce K. Smalls Drive.

 St. Gregory the Great Catholic School kindergarten student Sophia Taylor,   makes a snow angel during the annual Snow Day event at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School on February 10, 2014.

 John Schwartz Jr., of Beaufort, enjoys a snow cone after having his face  Saturday during the 59th Annual Beaufort Water Festival on July 19, 2014.

Participants in the Beach Bum triathlon, sponsored by Go Tri Sports, dash through the water at the beginning of their 500-meter swim at Coligny Beach on June 21, 2014.  The competition is comprised of a 500-meter swim, six mile bike ride, and a three mile run, all along the hard-packed sand of the beach.

A short video highlight reel from 2014 -